Antique and Vintage Samplers

US Samplers After the revolution American samplers develop a style of their own. Indeed, even in the nineteenth century, Colonial life was no bed of roses. It was just the reverse with the American sampler of the same period. Those whose interest is centered entirely on the fine stitchery done on delicate fabrics will find comparatively little to admire, for although fine work does exist, it is, however, not a general characteristic. Such critics should learn to view these youthful efforts from a completely different standpoint, appreciating the handicaps under which they were made, watching the development of the design which reflected the life of that day, and thus getting at the spirit and true character of the American work; or else they would do well to confine themselves to the study of the better regulated sampler of the English schools. English VS American Samplers It is important to realize the conditions and influences that made the English and American samplers of the nineteenth century so unlike.


Joy Ruskin Hanes and Lee Hanes are full time professional third generation antiques dealers. Our family has been in business continually since with Shops in Boston and Foxboro, Massachusetts. We live in an antique house and are open year round by appointment. Although our home is New England, our marketplace is America, and we exhibit in over 20 major shows annually. Customers include not only new and advanced collectors but others in the trade, interior designers, and museums nationwide. Additionally, we are regular free-lance writers for various antiques publications.

Item Details. A pair of charming antique needlework pieces dating to the 19th century. The older sampler was created in by eight-year-old Mary Ann Barns and features the letters of the alphabet and numbers in a variety of styles.

Six Similar Samplers “Wood Bine,” the name embroidered or inked on a botanical sampler in the collection of the Shelburne Museum. The plant looks like what we out here in Kansas call Bindweed, Convolvulus, an unwelcome guest in the garden. This one’s easier to identify: The museum believes it to be from Pennsylvania. And what is even more extraordinary: There are others very much like it.

Antique and Vintage Samplers

Tickets are very limited this year , so if you plan to attend a lecture, register for your choices early by sending an email to joanne schwenkfelder. Paying with Credit Card online? Click the Register button below your desired program to pay online by credit card through PayPal. Paying with Check or Cash? Mail completed registration forms to: The quilts tell fascinating stories about people who made quilts, the influence of fashion, and trade networks.

Antique samplers were predominantly stitched by young girls in private schools, in the year period between The Huber’s large inventory emphasizes American and English antique samplers, silk embroideries and related textiles.

Visa and Mastercard accepted by telephone or fax. If you require further information please. The samplers cut across all levels of society embracing the affluent and the poor, sometimes leading us into unexpected places. Who would suspect looking at Eliza Manley’s sampler that her father was Portland, Massachusetts’ first bank robber and that the Royal Freemason’s School in should stipulate that amongst the requirements for entry the applicant must have already had cowpox or smallpox?

Perhaps a wise precaution given the infectious nature and high mortality rate from the disease. In at an exceptionally young age of fourteen, Massey Gibbons married John Carpenter aged sixteen. This was just a year after she had worked her sampler, her childhood no doubt coming to an abrupt end. History has a habit of repeating itself as we see in a small rare sampler worked in featuring a list of the engagements between British and Afghan forces in Cabul, a familiar name to us, figuring on the 16th September

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Samplers were pieces of cloth, usually linen, that featured hand-embroidered designs using thread made of silk, wool, or cotton. In the 16th century, young European girls made samplers as a way of learning embroidery techniques that would be useful in the repair of household linens.

Submit a question by using the form on our Contact Us page. Please feel free to send a digital picture directly to contact antiquesamplers. Hello, I happened upon your site via a sampler link on Pinterest. However I noticed you don’t allow pinning of the samplers featured here and that is understood but I was wondering if you would allow pinning of your homepage so that we can share a link to this wonderful site.

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My collection currently numbers thirteen nine dolls’ houses – I used to have over forty houses but have been steadily streamlining the collection and in over the last eight years I have sold off all my commerical antique and vintage houses but two. My primary focus is now restricted to artisan dollhouse miniatures with a few exceptions here and there.

Many of my houses are displayed in one room where I painted a Rufus Porter-style mural around three sides of the room. One wall is copied from the mural that appears in the Tynietoy mansion while the other walls feature scenes from the Delaware Valley landscape, where I live with my husband and troublesome cat on the north side of the Musconetcong Mountain.

Samplers, silk embroideries, and canvaswork pictures are extraordinary examples of needlework skill wrought by girls and young ladies from the late-seventeenth into the mid-nineteenth centuries.

Home Articles Know Your Antiques: Sampler Comparisons by Carol Huber Samplers, silk embroideries, and canvaswork pictures are extraordinary examples of needlework skill wrought by girls and young ladies from the late-seventeenth into the mid-nineteenth centuries. When exhibiting at antiques shows, we observe visitors to our booth studying needleworks and reading their tags.

Some are obviously familiar with the subjects and others appear perplexed. Those in the latter group often ask, “What makes one sampler more valuable than another? As in any field, prices vary widely and are dictated primarily by sales of similar pieces, condition, and appeal.

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This stylized art form begins with using stencils cut in various shapes, such as leaves. When a subject, such as a basket of flowers is decided upon, the stencils are placed in various positions. They are filled in, usually with watercolors. When collectors began searching for theorem paintings in the s, along with all kinds of folk art, it also became a revived craft that continues today.

The result is that both antique and contemporary theorems show up on EBay. Often the prices are competitive with antique theorems. Stencil painting is known to go back as early as 9, BC.

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May 14, The word Embroidery is a wide ranging term that really encompasses all of the needlework skills. It really is just the art of forming decorative designs on fabric. This art of decorating fabric with thread or yarn has its roots in ancient history. The earliest surviving examples of embroidery are Scythian c. These pieces depended on the basic stitches still used today. The big change between then and now is that no longer must embroidery be done by hand. In the mid s France developed a machine that would do embroidery and machine made embroidery became popular in the late s.

No longer did decorations depend on individuals plying a needle and it became more abundant in society. Dating from the s, it is one of largest and finest examples of historical embroidery.

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