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Send to a friend A superb stylish apartment with lift, AC, wifi, it’s an urban retreat ideally located in the historic heart of downtown Lisbon that offers comfort and charm with river view, forming a marvelously lit space with modern decor keeping its historic soul! This spacious luxury sixth-flo Read more A superb stylish apartment with lift, AC, wifi, it’s an urban retreat ideally located in the historic heart of downtown Lisbon that offers comfort and charm with river view, forming a marvelously lit space with modern decor keeping its historic soul! This spacious luxury sixth-floor apartment has been recently renovated, is always spotlessly clean, and includes lift access and air conditioning for a stress-free break. The main open plan living area is stylishly decorated with an artistic feature wall, black and gold sofas, designer vintage-style lights and sleek kitchen area. An excellent attention to detail gives the space an authentic and charismatic feel.

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Renowned for world-class whale watching, hot mineral springs, and quaint seaside towns, each island has its own fascinating identity. Historic sites, gorgeous beaches and tasty cuisine also make Aveiro a popular tourist destination. These all offer lovely architecture and art works. With a history dating back more than 2, years, Evora was once a flourishing city under Roman rule. Today, Evora is the capital of the Alentejo region, regarded for its well-preserved Old Town, which shelters more than 4, historic structures including the old Roman walls and temples.

Porto Where to Stay World famous for its production of fine port wine, the busy city of Porto sprawls along the hills overlooking the Douro River in northern Portugal.

Solteiros da cidade, não desanimem com o Dia dos Namorados: sábado, 18 de Fevereiro, há speed dating no Hotel Mundial.A empresa Speed Party, responsável pela introdução destes encontros rápidos na capital, vai organizar duas sessões em simultâneo, uma para homens e mulheres dos 24 aos 35 anos e outra para a faixa etária dos 36 aos 45 ://

Oscar Kneppers Founder of Rockstart Rockstart Founder Oscar Kneppers is a successful serial entrepreneur and a celebrated internet publisher — launching several media focused on innovation and technology. After selling his media businesses Emerce in and Bright in Oscar founded Rockstart in Oscar comes from a large family, is married, has two children and lives in Amsterdam. Christina also founded Want Things Done, a freelance concierge platform to match freelancers with business who need help with getting things done.

Further she has been appointed the Singapore Director of the only global maritime accelerator, PortXL, headquartered in Rotterdam. She was the first GM of Yahoo! Singapore and launched the first windows smartphone, branded O2, in Asia Pacific. Christina is well-travelled, global and cultural savvy with a strong business and marketing acumen. Currently she is totally immersed in the startup eco-system. During his PhD he worked with his co-adviser Dr.

Currently he is the co-founder and CTO of ETConcept, a company that provides engineering services that is currently involved in an OrganiCity smart city project for the city of Lisbon. In his spare time he enjoys sailing with his wife, while managing a sailing association in Oeiras, Lisbon. The program originated in Stanford University and expanded globally, and leading companies around the world collaborate with students from over a dozen countries.

Sushi is also the founder of Kyoto Startup Summer School, Japan’s most intense entrepreneurship program conducted fully in English.

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Starting price is 15, EURO plus approx. This won’t be an easy sale I guess. Indeed, the lot did not sell on DEC, you can now buy the whole lot for a whopping Swatch Club Canada Holiday Party Gold member Elvin Rawlins sent me the following report with a few pictures. Thanks to Christine Tanner for the picture.

A parte chata de não existir esta cultura em Portugal, de também não existir cultura de convidar para sair (convidar para café pode ser % platónico) quando se está interessado(a) e de haver um grande julgamento às raparigas, é que acabam por ter de ser sempre os rapazes a perseguir as raparigas e quase sempre através da ://

As its capital, Lisbon has been enjoying a significant slice of this pie it helps that it has the most capable airport , especially among Americans. Travel to Lisbon from the U. With all this foreign interest, the city continues to build hospitality and cultural infrastructure to complement its wealth of historic monuments. Charming boutique hotels, extravagant luxury properties, and stylish apartments have been consistently opening to accommodate this influx. New high-profile museums are bowing all over the city: Weather is generally mild, and there are a lot of events and festivals scattered throughout the year.

Airport info Portela Airport, which has been undergoing modernizing upgrades, is a minute car ride into downtown Lisbon. The color-coded metro and the public busses are cheap and easy to use. There are also the beautiful old school trams, which are not just for tourists; locals do in fact use them to get up and down these hills. The narrow, winding streets of downtown Lisbon can make finding parking spots a hair-pulling exercise so renting a car while in town is not advisable.

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Matthias Duwe The second ICAP Master Course brought together 30 expert participants from across the world for in-depth training and discussions on emissions trading. The two week-long course brought together 30 experts from emerging economies and developing countries to learn about emissions trading systems ETS as a tool for climate protection, and to discuss the options of implementing or optimizing such systems in their home countries. This session is only the second Master course for advanced professionals and experts but continues a series of past ICAP training courses that Ecologic Institute has organized at locations across the world since During the course, participants gained an in-depth understanding of the design and implementation of carbon trading systems as tools to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

They had the opportunity to discuss various aspects of emissions trading with experienced practitioners from the government agencies in various countries, as well as from academia, think tanks and service providers.

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Federative Republic of Brazil Major Cities: Supplemental material has been added to increase coverage of minor cities, facts have been updated, and some material has been condensed. Readers are encouraged to visit the Department of State’s web site at http: With a population of roughly million people, it sprawls across 3. In spite of profound economic problems, Brazil is an intriguing country. Its daring venture, nearly three decades ago, of carving a new capital city out of almost inaccessible territory, captured the interest of the world.

Its bustling cities offer a broad contrast to the beauty of the countryside, and the widespread intermixtures among Caucasians, Negroes, and native Indians have resulted in a land of varied cultures and fascinating people. Modern buildings, is a futuristic city design and road system, rolling landscape, and a lake are features of the city. The District lies at the junction of the headwaters of three major Brazilian river systems, with an elevation of about 3, feet.

People are friendly and lifestyles tend to be informal. In , the city formally became the capital of Brazil. Indeed, most of the population depends either directly or indirectly on government employment. Although construction workers originally populated them, skilled and semi-skilled workers and government bureaucrats now mostly populate satellite cities.

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Roman authors of the first century AD referred to popular legends that the city of Lisbon was founded by the mythical hero Odysseus [18] on his journey home from Troy. Another conjecture based on ancient hydronymy suggests that the name of the settlement derived from the pre-Roman appellation for the Tagus River, Lisso or Lucio. Lisbon’s name was written Ulyssippo in Latin by the geographer Pomponius Mela , a native of Hispania.

History Pre-Roman Phoenician archaeological dig in the Lisbon Cathedral cloisters During the Neolithic period, the region was inhabited by Pre-Celtic tribes, who built religious and funerary monuments, megaliths , dolmens and menhirs , which still survive in areas on the periphery of Lisbon.

 · Sempre tive curiosidade em saber como se processa uma sessão de speed por nunca ter conhecido ninguém que tenha ido a uma ou talvez por culpa dos filmes e

Share The year-old Malawi-born boy was adopted in She and the family will be moving to Portugal in time for the new school year in September. It seems, for the moment at least, that her singing career is on hold. Madonna is determined to give David Banda, her adopted son from Malawi, ‘every opportunity in life’ – including training with the junior squad of famous Portuguese club Benfica But why would Madonna, a woman better known for outrageous self-promotion than a keen appreciation of a flat back four, suddenly put her own ambitions on the back-burner?

But the real answer, says a Hollywood source who knows her well, is more emotional. Just last month she shared a poignant picture of her mother with her 9. David Banda pictured left was adopted by Madonna from Malawi when he was years-old A bruising legal fight erupted which saw Madonna stopping midway through a tour to fly to London in an unsuccessful attempt to have Rocco return to America with her. Their rift culminated in confiscating his mobile phone when it interfered with his studies — at which point Rocco decided he would much rather be with his laid-back father.

She eventually conceded defeat and allowed Rocco to remain in London with Guy, though mother and son have since been reconciled. It caused a rift which has been healed but it caused Madonna to rethink her parenting techniques. This latest incarnation is a devoted mum who puts her children first. She has totally embraced the idea of being a soccer mom. Her Instagram account is filled with proud postings about his footballing prowess and includes her wearing a Benfica shirt.

Plane crashes into Lidl supermarket in Portugal

Korean food is great, but most restaurants are used to serving groups, or at least couples. Many times you’ll simply be refused service entering a restaurant alone. Unlike Japan, eating alone is stil frowned upon in Korea and mostly impossible. Exceptions are of course expat areas like Itaewon which are more used to it.

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This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are properly credited. Abstract The history between cetaceans and humans is documented throughout time not only in reports, descriptions, and tales but also in legal documents, laws and regulations, and tithes. This wealth of information comes from the easy spotting and identification of individuals due to their large size, surface breathing, and conspicuous above water behaviour.

This work is based on historical sources and accounts accounting for cetacean presence for the period between the 12th and 17th centuries, as well as scientific articles, newspapers, illustrations, maps, non-published scientific reports, and other grey literature from the 18th century onwards. Information on whale use in Portugal’s mainland has been found since as early as the 12th century and has continued to be created throughout time.

No certainty can be given for medieval and earlier events, but both scavenging of stranded whales or use of captured ones may have happened. There is an increasing number of accounts of sighted, stranded, used, or captured cetaceans throughout centuries which is clearly associated with a growing effort towards the study of these animals. Scientific Latin species denominations only started to be registered from the 18th century onwards, as a consequence of the evolution of natural sciences in Portugal and increasing interest from zoologists.

After the 19th century, a larger number of observations were recorded, and from the 20th century to the present day, regular scientific records have been collected. Research on the environmental history of cetaceans in Portugal shows a several-centuries-old exploitation of whales and dolphins, as resources mainly for human consumption, followed in later centuries by descriptions of natural history documenting strandings and at sea encounters.

Most cetaceans species currently thought to be present in Portuguese mainland waters were at some point historically recorded. Introduction Environmental history is the history of the mutual interaction between humans and the rest of of the natural world [1]. It seeks understanding of human beings as they have lived, worked and thought in relation to nature through the changes brought by time [2].

Marine environmental history deals with this in relation to the sea, i.

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Chevron B19 B Chevron Records: Tondelli bought six cars during the course of and it has not yet been possible to determine which car went to which owner. For more on this, see the Tondelli cars below. Chassis has been owned by Gualtiero Giribaldi Monaco since Further details to follow. Copyright Nick Craw

» Speed Dating Lisboa – 17 de Fevereiro de Antes de mais quero dar os meus Parabéns á organização por esta excelente iniciativa num mundo de Tinder, Meetic e afins! Já havia pesquisado sobre o acontecimento do “speed dating” em

Brewery Are you interested in working in the Brewing Business? The SBE brings you the opportunity to get to know a small beer factory located in the heart of our city! You will get a chance to visit the installations of A. You will be guided through the different cell production systems, both the ex-vivo expansion stem cells systems and the cell differentiation systems. You can also take a look at the integration and purification systems!

At the end of each day, we will post every photo on our facebook page. Share your photo on facebook, with the hashtags: Rovisco Pais 1, Lisboa sbe tecnico. Ever since, our mission has been to enhance the relationship between the academic community and both corporate and scientific world, as well as to disseminate the work carried out in Portugal and the rest of the world in the most diverse fields of bioengineering.

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Het maakt niet uit of uw een vakantiehuis of een vakantieappartement wilt boeken — wat is er nu leuker dan gewoon thuis naar uw perfecte vakantie te zoeken in onze vakantiehuizenmarkt op internet. De pagina’s zijn eenvoudig en overzichtelijk qua vormgeving. Hierdoor krijgt u meteen al zin in een strand-of wandelvakantie, een ski- of stedenreis of gewoon in de zee en de bergen.

Speed Dating by ESN Lisboa, Espaço Académico de Lisboa, Travessa dos Inglesinhos 50, Lisbon, Portugal, Lisbon, Portugal. Tue Oct 02 at pm, ENGLISH Hey there:) Are u ready for this? Its the ESN Lisboa Speed Dating event! Have u ever been to a speed date before? Well, now u

Metropolitano de Lisboa in August Metro station Aeroporto Lisbon has a very efficient public transport network that covers the entire city in addition to the surrounding areas. Lisbon’s recently refurbished metro system is clean, quick, and efficient. While metro announcements are made only in Portuguese, signs and ticketing machines are generally bilingual in Portuguese and English. The extensive bus and electrico tram network is run by Carris. The best and, in many cases, the sole way to pay for city transport is buying a rechargeable green-coloured card 7 Colinas Viva Viagem.

It’s valid for metro, trams electrico , urban trains, most buses and ferries. The exception is buses not run by Carris—other bus companies have their own tickets. The Viva Viagem card can be charged in three different modes. You choose the mode when you charge the card. You put this exact amount on this card. Unlike Zapping mode, this ticket allows free transfers within one hour.

This is a ‘stored value’ mode, similar to the Oyster card in London.

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Speed dating lisboa.. Posted on By Sadal The city is otherwise flushed with high-profile events: Local Dish to Try Portugal is known for its vast selection of delectable desserts; the most famous of them all is pastel de nata, a cup-shaped puff pastry filled with egg humangenetics-slcorg/

A self indulgent look at European tramways I or friends! Its initial electric cars were crossbench cars built by Brill along with some enclosed cars built by the St Louis Company, both from America. These were followed by enclosed Brill bogie cars in and the first four wheelers in These were semi convertible with windows that could be raised to be fully open providing the ventilation of a crossbench car in the summer and the comfort of an enclosed car in the winter. In Carris – the Lisbon operator – commenced constructing its own bodies to the same style in its workshops and built to the Brill design on 4 wheel trucks by Front and rear views – the revised light clusters being the main giveaway.

Note the doors on both sides and the dual pantograph and trolley collectors In with a contracted system of coastal route 15 for which new cars arrived and the remaining hilly routes, Carris decided to upgrade 45 of its four wheel cars, recognising their iconic status and tourist appeal. The cab features a modern driver’s seat, Kiepe controller on the left and hand brake on the right.

An air brake for parking is located just below the ticket machine. The rear platform has a shunt controller The interior shows the traditional layout with wooden panelling – though only the lower half of the windows open and fluorescent lights are now fitted behind the shades Body overhauls were undertaken, retaining the traditional appearance but the cars became single ended, though doors are retained on both sides, albeit with the offside ones not used.

The cars were numbered with the , being the six former series cars. The bodies, dating from to were fitted onto new underframes and being constructed from wood do suffer from the significant stresses placed on them by the equipment and terrain.

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