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Select2 can take a regular select box like this: The select below is declared with the multiple attribute. Select2 automatially picks up on this: Example Code Placeholders A placeholder value can be defined and will be displayed until a selection is made: The placeholder can be declared via a data-placeholder attribute attached to the select, or via the placeholder configuration element as seen in the example code Optionally, a clear button visible once a selection is made is available to reset the select box back to the placeholder value. Example Code Minimum Input Select2 supports a minimum input setting which is useful for large remote datasets where short search terms are not very useful:

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Pankaj wrote to me about some pretty cool styled progress elements he created. I asked if he’d be interested in fleshing out the idea into an article about styling them in general. Thankfully, he obliged with this great article about using them in HTML, styling them with CSS as best as you can cross-browser, and fallbacks. Here is the basic markup for the progress element: A progress element must have both a start tag i.

Make them join a room together and remove them from matchmaking Room should be limited to 2 people only There is no criteria/algorithm on how the users matched are picked they are just randomly selected.

By the end of this tutorial, you should be able to save a new employee and display all saved employees. You can download MongoDB from their downloads page. Again, this is assuming your using OS X. Make sure you have MongoDB up and running before you continue. Express Express is an incredible Node. It organizes your web app into an MVC architecture on the server side. To install Express, run the following code in Terminal:

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This allows for lightning fast rendering across Desktop and Mobile. Phaser uses and contributes towards the excellent Pixi. Preloader We’ve made the loading of assets as simple as one line of code.

Basically, if more than two players are on matchmaking period, my application will create a game room (special room) for them and start the game. There are .

Contact Understanding Android Broadcast Receivers A BroadcastReceiver is an Android app component that responds to system-wide broadcast announcements. All these events originate from the system. Infact apps themselves can also initiate broadcasts — for example the SMS app broadcasting that an SMS has being received and let other apps know about this event so that they can trigger some action. Unlike Activities broadcast receivers do not have any user interface but may create a status bar notification.

It is intended to do minimal amount of work and can delegate hardcore jobs to Services. So the gist is broadcast receivers are like dormant app components that can register for various system or application events intents. Once any of those events occur the system notifies all the registered broadcast receivers and brings them up into action which could be notifying the user or perform some other job.

The registration is done in the manifest file using intent filters static but can also be done programatically dynamic. What’s the one thing every developer wants? Enhance your coding experience with an external monitor to increase screen real estate. Whenever an event occurs Android calls the onReceive method on all registered broadcast receivers.

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Railtie object, such as a subclass of Rails:: Note that this block will be run for rake tasks. Useful for configuring values set up by other initializers: Useful when CDNs are used for hosting assets, or when you want to work around the concurrency constraints built-in in browsers using different domain aliases. Shorter version of config. Otherwise, all autoloading happens only once.

Socket. A Socket is the fundamental class for interacting with browser clients. A Socket belongs to a certain Namespace (by default /) and uses an underlying Client to communicate.. It should be noted the Socket doesn’t relate directly to the actual underlying TCP/IP socket and it is only the name of the class.. Within each Namespace, you can also define arbitrary channels (called room) that.

Christmas carols and death metal lyrics in Tensorflow After the previous experiment with a character based recurrent neural network RNN for romantic novel titles I wanted to find more details about word level RNN: The resulting tets seem choppier than the character level RNN I tried previously. Christmas is Mutiny Santa fall is running around my place, Bound to take your power, tonight.

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This requires haproxy version newer than 1. Fast data transfers are made possible on Linux 3. Forwarding rates of up to 40 Gbps have already been achieved on such platforms after a very careful tuning. While Solaris and AIX are supported, they should not be used if extreme performance is required.

Jan 06,  · Read Part 2 here — Build a Multi-user App using (Part 2): Creating a Matchmaking Game Server Author’s Bio Frankenmint is a technophile with a penchant for Bitcoin, versed in web and software development.

Participated in marketing and design decisions. Miscellaneous internal Wrote several technical articles for appendTo blog. Assisted training director during JavaScript presentation to Amazon hardware team. I created an application to display our generated API documentation in a searchable format. I wrote modules to load, convert, and dynamically display API information in a single page application so that developers would have instant access to the latest documentation.

All client modules were written in regular JavaScript, and jQuery was used to generate DOM elements as needed, and to perform filtering operations when the user searched for specific API information. During our iteration demos we would present small slide shows to business sponsors. Originally this was done in PowerPoint, but I created a slide show application that ran on our platform to dynamically load and display slides written in either HTML or Markdown format.

If the slides were written with Markdown, the express route handler would convert slide content to HTML before returning it to the browser. I used CSS3 animations for slide transitions, and media queries to scale down to mobile devices.

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Crisis Text Line is a data- and tech-driven not-for-profit. We’ve built our own online platform for engaging with young people in crisis think: We always do our absolute best work, but we’re ready to fail at any moment so we build with redundancy and fault-tolerance. Pick the right tool. Technology is a means, not an end. We try to see where the bleeding edge is, but live in the realm of reality and practicality.

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This is not bad for a Bitcoin website because in most cases you are unable to get any results from Wikipedia when you search for Bitcoin websites. Anyhow, Wikipedia says that the company has been in business since and that is EU-Based. This Bitcoin exchange provides cryptocurrency trading services to institutionals, merchants and individual traders worldwide. Thanks to this feature, this exchange is more attractive to trading bot developers. Like most other exchanges, HitBTC promises to be safe and secure thanks to the use of cold storage, advanced encryption technology and 2-factor authentication.

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Reply Why is it needed? When data is stored on disk based storage devices, it is stored as blocks of data. These blocks are accessed in their entirety, making them the atomic disk access operation. Disk blocks are structured in much the same way as linked lists; both contain a section for data, a pointer to the location of the next node or block , and both need not be stored contiguously.

orts = [‘polling’, ‘websocket’]; With a custom parser The default parser promotes compatibility (support for Blob, File, binary check) at the expense of performance.

Sets the number of requests after which the response will be cached. Cache data are stored in files. The file name in a cache is a result of applying the MD5 function to the cache key. The levels parameter defines hierarchy levels of a cache: Starting from version 0. However, be aware that in this case a file is copied across two file systems instead of the cheap renaming operation.

It is thus recommended that for any given location both cache and a directory holding temporary files are put on the same file system. If the value is set to off, temporary files will be put directly in the cache directory. One megabyte zone can store about 8 thousand keys. As part of commercial subscription , the shared memory zone also stores extended cache information , thus, it is required to specify a larger zone size for the same number of keys.

For example, one megabyte zone can store about 4 thousand keys. Cached data that are not accessed during the time specified by the inactive parameter get removed from the cache regardless of their freshness.

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Select2 can take a regular select box like this: The select below is declared with the multiple attribute. Select2 automatically picks up on this: Example Code Placeholders A placeholder value can be defined and will be displayed until a selection is made:

NodeJS matchmaking across servers. Ask Question. up vote 4 down vote favorite. Another answer would be that the matchmaking is done via (I’m doing it via HTTP now) and if the users would be on the same server they would be informed via Socket. -redis module not working across servers. Hot Network Questions.

Drop unused methods org. Base64Encode has been deprecated, you can use java. This affects logging configuration and 3rd party plugins if they use JMeter logging. The following sections describe what changes need to be made. Setting the logging level and log file The default logging level can be changed on the command-line using the -L parameter. Likewise the -l parameter can be used to change the name of the log file.

The default logging levels and file name are defined in the log4j2. DEBUG ; Changes to 3rd party plugin logging 3rd party plugins should migrate their logging code from logkit to slf4j.

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For an introduction to routing, see Basic routing. You define routing using methods of the Express app object that correspond to HTTP methods; for example, app. For a full list, see app. You can also use app. In fact, the routing methods can have more than one callback function as arguments.

The game itself uses WebRTC data channels; is only used as a signalling server. Once signalling is complete, the game is run as a fully peer-to-peer mesh network with a shared game state (the server can go down and the game is unaffected).

So, I’ll show how to: So, again, lots of ground to cover so lets get started. First, we need to create the application that will be tested. It’ll be pretty simple: So, this is the login screen: The page has validation set up And after filling the two fields correctly a message appears and the form fields are cleared so that new feedback may be supplied.

Now, there’s some small details to take into consideration. The web page has Forms Authentication. I’m using an ASP. AntiForgeryToken on the view.

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