Run it straight to the PA. Duly noted, however in only using the MG’s power section it is analogous to a SS PA and guitar speakers, so it’s really no different than Line6’s amps which can sound good. So, IMO they should at least give it a shot. Since the amp setup will not have the cab sim, you’ll have to dial the patch in at gig volume which is a good thing. If you take a low volume patch dialed-in with headphones, and turn off the cab sim for running into real guitar speakers, it usually sounds like poo. This was my former backup: After you’ve investigated running through his guitar rig, to make it as easy as possible to get good tone in spite of someone with tin ears, you may want to run to the board and PA. In this case, the entire modeled chain should be present amp, FX, cab and mic sim and should be roughly the same as what you hear in the headphones, but with less bass and dialed-in at volume. The caveat with this method is that you’ll need monitoring of some sort that will allow your guitarist to hear himself. In practice, sound is under your control, but at a gig, being reliant on the sound man’s monitoring capabilities can be problematic.

Can I Hook up My Bose SoundDock Portable to My TV?

Make sure WiFi is set to ON. If WiFi networking is set to off, tap the toggle switch to turn it on. Wait a few seconds while your phone connects. If you have changed the network key from the original setting, enter that key instead. You can find out more about connecting to your Wireless Gateway here. Wait a few seconds while your phone connects, and you’re done!

Apr 28,  · POD HD sounds bad through power amp/cab Discussion in ‘Digital & Modeling Gear’ started by Noise Under The Floor, Apr 25,

Had to review a couple of videos to piece together all the steps Navigation video from beginning for the headunit removal, Pure Bluetooth video from 3: The install took about an hour took my time to not break anything or leave anything rattling and went well, except I still managed to damage one small clip in the paneling that should not matter. Note that in my car the panel under the steering wheel was held in place by one Phillips screw at the bottom middle.

Sound quality of streaming audio from iPhone is great and speakerphone functionality works well. When listening to another source like XM when a call comes in, you can simply hit the AUX button on the dash, this switches to Bluetooth and answers the call. Greg — July 24, Followed the video and had it installed pretty quickly. One modification to the installation … I simply could NOT get the far-left plug to come out the one for the cabin lights switch. Instead of forcing it too much and risk breaking something, I was able to hoist up the detached console faceplate with a bungie cord and hooked to the rear-view mirror with the far-left plug still attached.

Wireless Stereo Headphones

I usually find that about feet pipe length is sufficient to mount the antenna into the rotor. The end result is the boom of the antenna is about 40 to 50 inches above the last mast support creating a stable mount. The less an antenna wiggles and jiggles the longer it will last. Channel Master Rotor Model

Mar 16,  · I do like the POD HD modelling and the amp modelling is very good, so much so many users are using powered PA speakers to take advantage of the stereo ability as well and this frees you to all available amp models.

Wiring Conductor Ampacity to Temperature Rating for 60 C or 75 C wiring only if their size is based on the ampacity of the lower temperaturerated wire. Here’s the wire sizing chart for max ampacity. This is the chart to use when sizing for fusing or over current protection, when the wires are not bundled. Where ambient temperatures force ampacity derating, highertemperature cables can hold down total costs. Can you connect 90C or C rated cable to 75C.

Here are some great tips for determining the proper wire gauge, ampacity, and the maximum wattage allowed. For C wire, use 80 of value shown in Table Request the latest literature and guides from Anixter. You can browse for more products or proceed to checkout. As Excerpted from the National Electrical Code: National Electrical Code Allowable Ampacities of Insulated the allowable ampacity of each conductor shall.

Bluetooth and iPhone/iPod/AUX Kits for Honda Odyssey 2005-2010

I have been playing Pandora through a variety of sound systems and different sources: The ipod was connected to the HT system via a Sherwood ipod dock. The computer is connected to my office sound system via the built in audio output jacks nothing fancy there to the sound system which comprises of a BreathAudio whole house system with an external w amp, just to provide background music via rather inexpensive ceiling mounted speakers.

In a nutshell, I think my office system actually produces the best sound from Pandora overall, better than Pandora coming from the different devices hooked up to my HT system. Quite impressively detailed, but of course without the power of my home HT system. My HT sound system is capable of much higher resolution obviously, and components were chosen to favor audiophile sound rather than full on HT.

Dec 28,  · I just got a Line 6 POD for Christmas and i want to know what cables I will need to hook it up to record to my computer and where to plug it into the computer. Thanks for reading!!Status: Resolved.

Share on Facebook It used to be that if you wanted to create a karaoke system in your home, you had to connect regular XLR-type microphones to a high-output amplifier and purchase an expensive disc player to plays CDG karaoke discs. With modern karaoke systems, though, all the hardware needed to sing along to your favorite tunes is inside the microphone.

With karaoke mics such as the ones made by Magic Sing, EnterTech and Magic Tech, you can set up the system with your TV and start singing in a matter of minutes. Plug the AC adapter cord for the karaoke mic into the mic base stand and an available electrical outlet. Do not turn on the mic or insert into the base unit yet. Step Connect the yellow, red and white RCA cable that lead from the microphone base to the corresponding input ports on the TV.

Note the name of the port on the rear of TV that you use to connect the RCA cables from the microphone base. For instance, the port might have a “Video 1” or “Video In” label.

How To Find Watch, Save, And Convert iPod Videos

That adds a lot of flexibility. JamUp lets you share and download amps from other users. This one is supposed to sound like Jack Whites setup. The top part shows your effects and your amp. Double-tapping an effect or amp lets you browse for another unit dimmed items become available to use after an In-App Purchase , and dragging the units changes their order.

Finally, you can switch an effect on or off either with its power switch, or by flicking it up and down off the yellow line this line represents the signal chain.

Even if you always use your amp’s pre-amp for your amp tone, never using the Pod’s amp models, you may still prefer to hook up the Pod via the 4 cable method, so that you can position effects before and after the pre-amp, rather than just after.

They are the same thing. So the M13 is a pretty great piece of gear because you get over different stompbox style effects in one big, road-rugged container. The M13 requires that you plug it into an amplifier. It may sound pretty raggedy going straight into a PA, mixing desk, high end microphone preamp, audio recording interface, etc. And aside from the modeling vs. That is beyond brilliant. By tapping the tempo button along with your drummer, you can set 1 delay to a dotted 8th note, another delay to a whole note, a vibrato patch to triplet 16th pattern, and a filtered cosmic gurgle slurper to a half note.

You can see that there are stereo jacks for input, output, fx send, and fx return. The location or placement of your fx loop can be assigned PER SCENE from the setup menu which means that in one scene, you can run one bank of effects into the front of your amp and the remaining three banks each with three effects selections into the loop. Or you can place the loop between banks 2 and 3 and have two banks into the preamp and two banks into the loop. The graphic below gives a visual of what that looks like:

Making Music on iOS: Guitar Amps, Effects Apps & Hardware

Such a sweet mod! Worked perfectly with suggested adapter. Thanks for posting this!!!!! I am using he most up to date iTunes and iPod firmware on an iMac running Sierra. I am using the same converters and CFs as pictured in this article. I have replaced the battery which is charging well and holding its charge.

Nov 29,  · Hi, I’m looking to buy the pod hd pro very soon and I’ve been looking all over the web trying to find a strait answer for how to connect the hd pro to my saffire 56 interface, for direct recording I guess, I say ‘I guess’ because I’m not sure what the right term for what I want to do is.

Four years after Apple launched the iPod, several iterations had perfected what the device could do. It was able to carry music, photos and video that could be played in the palm of your hand then. Still there are plenty of people who prefer to watch movies on an iPod video player. If your iPod has an Internet connection you can just stream the video. If you want to watch the videos whenever you want, you will need to download and save those videos.

Many of those sites allow downloading of their content for personal, non-commercial use. As far as where to find iPod videos, it really depends on what you want to watch. Unusual, beautiful, and special videos by independent artists can found at Vimeo. If your search is for something more on the academic side, Khan Academy is not to be missed for an extraordinary range of subjects.

AV Receivers

It includes many new options to improve the quality of the wireless link, offering faster speed and wider range compared to previous WiFi standards. WiFi-n also features backward compatibility, which makes it possible for this player to transmit to and receive from routers that operate on older WiFi standards. Active 3D uses the latest generation of fast switching displays for real life depth and realism in full x HD resolution.

By watching these images through special glasses with right and left lenses that are timed to open and close in synchrony with alternating images, the full HD 3D viewing experience is created in your home cinema. Premium 3D movie releases on Blu-ray offer a wide, high quality selection of content.

With the POD HDX, you have a few different options for I/O: Inputs, Outputs, and S/PDIF Outputs. To access these options, you’ll want to press and hold the View button to access System Setup. From there, you can access the Input menu by scrolling to page 3 using the 4-way Navigation Pad.

With AirPlay, you can enjoy listening to your favorite tracks wirelessly from your portable iOS device, including iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Easy To Setup, Easy To Use Denon’s exclusive Setup Assistant, along with our Quick Start guide, will have your system properly connected and configured quickly and easily, so you can start enjoying superb home theater surround sound with a minimum of fuss and bother. The Setup Assistant features clear on-screen graphics and text that quickly and easily guide you through the setup process, optimizing critical system settings for the best possible sound quality.

There’s also an Auto Eco mode that adjusts the maximum power available according to the volume level, as well as an on-screen Eco meter that lets you see the power consumption reduction in real time. For compatibility with the widest range of loudspeaker models, the AVR-S W is also equipped with low impedance drive capability, to provide operational stability with speakers rated at 4 ohms. Dual Subwoofer Outputs The AVR-S W features dual subwoofer outputs, which lets you connect two smaller subwoofers instead of a single, larger sub, and enjoy the benefits of response averaging by having two subs in different locations in the room.

Line 6 POD HD500 – Sample Instructional Video